Monday, April 4, 2011

Watching Ads and getting paid to do it!

So I found one of those websites that pay you for watching ads.   Basically the idea is to recruit people to your "Village" of people.  You can only get into a village by either recruiting people or clicking on someone referral link.  You can not simply just "Add" people, so their is a form of structure as to get your village up high, which it has no limit btw.  People in the "Village" watching ads per week generate money for each other on a monthly basis that can be paid through paypal

So if you feel like giving it a try heres a link to my page, what you'll have to do is watch a 2 minute video that will play after you click, then sign up after you've watched the video.  Once you've joined you'll be thrown into my tree and then we can start making money!  Only takes a few minutes to do also!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Folding paper, lots and lots of paper!

Usually you just fold a lot of paper for what goes underneath your scenery to give it "Shape" .  So we get to make use of a ton of paper.   Basically the end result for your paper is whats above.  You'll need A LOT of paper, since this will be going where our characters will be walking.  See now why we added that extra support from the previous post?  So how do you get the paper to what's above?  Basically you place your palm in the middle of the paper and roll the surrounding edges inward to give it a fluff.  You're basically trying to get the paper to look like the top of a mushroom once you have enough of these we'll make use of them in the next entry.

Adding support to where our characters will be moving about

So we need to add some more support to where are characters will be actively moving.  So you know what that means?  We need more cardboard and more duct tape! 

Let's put up another wall much like how we did our scenery outline wall but let's put up two separate sections of where our characters will be.

We'll need some support for below the characters feet so I'm just going to grab a book, roll it in duct tape place it where the characters will be walking.  Next we'll place cardboard over the book tape it down and cut off the excess cardboard. 

Your final product for your area should look something similar to what's below kinda even, kinda not.

Planning the layout of your scene and plotting your characters path.

So today we're planning where everything will be that the person watching the video will be seeing.  Without giving away everything here's a picture below with what I have planned for my scenery and yes that says "Beaver Dam"

Next let's make a few lines where our two characters will be moving in our little environment. 
We need to know exactly where our characters will be moving, Why?  We'll have to add some extra support later so they'll be able to stand properly and be level.  But we'll be doing that in the next blog entry.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

So I went and picked up a few supplies today.

Went a bought a few things today, paint, cardboard, rocks, new turf, some glue, a spray bottle with the measurements for the glue on the side, foam brushes and some plaster cloth.  Spent a total of $58.64 cents, the cost of this project is slowly starting to add up.  Since I first spent roughly $50ish when I first started building.  Still I'm having fun making this and I think that is all that matters.

I don't know about you guys, but I work a minimal wage job delivering pizza and I'm a full time student.  Spent close to sixty bucks is a lot of money to me.  But I'm sure it'll be worth it in the end.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


So today I did it, I hit 100 followers after only two weeks!  I'm happy that you guys have decided to follow and read my silly blogs.  So guys, thanks for the follows, and for commenting and giving your input on my project.  Thanks!  I'll have a new post later today once I get home from college work.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Making your first outline and cutting your scenery wall!

Next we need to get a marker and a ruler for starting our base outline.

 I am going three inches up from where the base and scenery wall meet.  And trying to make as even as a line as possible, even though with a ruler I still suck.  Doesn't rally matter as much as you'll see in the end.
Next I did an outline of what I would like for the scenery back drop to be like for my environment.  Keep in mind heavily of the areas in front of it and to the sides you don't want your area looking to crazy.  I think I edited this one segment of the wall 20 times before I finally cut it out.

I won't beat you down with more pictures of my wall when you will soon see the cut version of it anyway and besides you should be making your own unique environment, not copying someone else.:-P

Once you have something grab your cutting tool.....
In my case a kitchen knife lol, I couldn't find our scissors.

Make sure you are giving your outline wall some support since right now it doesn't have much and you don't want it bend messing up your cut.  Once you've finished cutting along your series of lines you should have something that looks like this.
Tomorrow I'll be showing the layout of the inner portion of the environment to show what the scenery will consist of along with mapping out the characters path.